Plan Your Memorable Gender Reveal Event!

Invite your friends and family to Hangar 21 South or a beach for your gender reveal

Have a scheduled tour and want to know what your ride will look like?

Here she is! Robinson 44 helicopter equipped with four cushioned seats, Bose headsets, and an amazing time!

Let’s get you flying!

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from Hangar 21 to you! Can’t wait to see all of our lovely couples taking tours today!

Spread the love today and everyday! 🩷

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REMINDER : TOMORROW is Valentine’s Day, so if you haven’t got your loved one something special, NOW IS THE TIME!

Helicopter and dinner sounds pretty special to me

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S U N S E T tour!

Take off just as the sun is kissing the horizon so you get to see the beautiful sunset AND the twinkling lights of Downtown Los Angeles

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Hangar 21 • helicopter tours and loads of fun ...

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Up up and away!!! Book your tour with us today!

We can’t wait to fly with you! 🚁

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W E A T H E R or not, you’ll fly!

Let’s discuss the reasons that weather could affect your flight! First and foremost, at Hangar 21, safety is our number one concern! We will absolutely not fly if weather is affecting the safety of our guests in ANY WAY!

Secondly, we want your flight to be memorable and incredible so if weather could potentially make your flight less enjoyable, you will be notified!

All of that to say, weather plays a huge part in taking off for a tour! Our pilots study the weather throughout the day to ensure the smoothest, safest, and best experience for each guest!

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CHEERS to amazing flights AND yummy treats 🥂

Upgrade your flight by adding on these tasty additions!
Champagne, sweets —— you name it! Make sure to add them on at the time of booking to ensure we can make it happen for your tour!

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Legendary. Iconic. A “must see.”

Add the Hollywood sign to your MUST SEE list and then check it off when you tour with us through Downtown LA! 🌆

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It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting from somewhere far or you call Southern California home —— the sky is always a new perspective 🚁 ...

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*WINTER SPECIAL: Limited time only*

Eye level with the skyscrapers of Los Angeles, amongst the thousands of city lights, it’s a tour you can’t forget!

Call to book!

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Arrive 30 minutes prior to your tour and hangout in the lounge! Grab a snack, a beverage and then get ready to FLY!

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Want to fly over the waves and look for sea life? We have 3 beach tour options for you!

30 min coastal Long Beach
45 min OC Surf Cities
60 min Ultimate OC Coastline

More details on our website :

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Surprise your loved one with a romantic helicopter tour through Downtown Los Angeles or over the open ocean of Southern California’s beautiful beaches!

Nothing screams “I love you” more!

Book online at or call and we’ll be happy to assist you in booking!

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Blue skies and helicopter rides 🚁 ...

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What does your city look like from above?

If you’re in the Southern California area, come fly with us and we can show you just how beautiful this city is!

Los Angeles. Santa Monica. Hollywood. Southern CA beaches.

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