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Take a tour and capture the most incredible views!

Up close and personal with the Hollywood sign, fly eye level with the tops of the Downtown LA skyscrapers, glide just above the crashing waves, and so much more!

Book today! Link in bio!

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Less than 100 days till Christmas and what better gift than a helicopter tour!

Head to and select GIFT CARDS in the drop down menu! Guaranteed you’ll beat out Santa with that gift!

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One of our personal favorites because you get to see it ALL.
Starting off with the beautiful sun setting over the horizon, gliding over the ocean waves, and ending with twinkling city lights!

Perfect date night, birthday surprise, or just a fun way to spend your evening —— whatever the occasion, let’s go fly into the sunset!

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Our doors are open Wednesday through Sunday from 10-6! Pop by and let’s fly! 🚁 ...

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Sailing the North Atlantic from 1936 to 1967, the QUEEN MARY was once one of the largest ships ever built. The Queen Mary weighs 81,237 tons and is 1,019 feet in length!

The ship has been docked in Long Beach, CA since 1967 and is now an attraction visited by many every year!

See the Queen Mary from above on our Coastal Long Beach tour!

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How to book your helicopter tour

+ find @hangar21helicopters on instagram
+ click the link in bio
+ select desired tour
+ click red “book now” button
+ choose desired date
+ add number of guests
+ select time
+ insert contact info
+ fill out questionnaire
+ select continue
+ choose any desired add-ons
+ add payment
+ click book now


Call (714) 331-2915 and someone from the Hangar21 team will be happy to assist you in booking!

Can’t wait for you to fly with us!

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Built in 1987 and costing $350 million dollars, the US Bank tower is a flat top skyscraper that was once known as the tallest building in the world with a rooftop helipad!

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Robinson R44 Raven II | This helicopter weighs 2500 pounds when fully loaded. It can seat 3 passengers plus 1 pilot. It can travel approximately 350 nautical miles on one tank of gas. It has a cruising speed of 125 miles per hour. It takes 100 low lead fuel, which just so happens to be bright blue. And best of all, it’s really fun!!!

Come join us for a tour and see just how fun it is!

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Approximately 3 MILLION tourists visit Laguna Beach every year, but they don’t all do it from the sky —— dare to be different!

Book your beach tour today! Link in bio

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• enter the parking lot (corner of Commonwealth and Magnolia)
• go through the black gate on the left
• drive to the end of the parking lot
• park in the designated tour spot
• enter through the black double doors
• walk into the building and enter the pilots lounge
• enjoy a snack and beverage as you wait for take off

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Do you think with a bird’s eye view, you’d be able to guess how many boats are in the Newport harbor?

I’ll give you a hint — it’s approximately 9,000!

Come along for a ride and let’s see if you can count them! 😉

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Sights from your Downtown LA + Hollywood tour!

Book DTLA or DTLA + Hollywood to see them for yourself!
Link in bio!

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Want your wedding to be one your guests NEVER forget?

Ask about offering rides when you book with @hangar21venue

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𝒫𝐼𝐸𝑅 pressured into going on a helicopter ride? Don’t worry, you won’t regret it! ...

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Date night, holiday, birthday, or even just a random Saturday —— it’s ALWAYS a good day to tour your city! ...

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Want to feel like a celebrity?
Get up close and personal with the Hollywood sign on our Hollywood + Downtown LA tour!

Book it today! Link in bio ✨

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Best day of your life just got even better! 🚁💍

Wow your guests when you FLY into your reception after being announced as Mr. and Mrs. for the very first time!

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This R44 Helicopter is equipped with four cushioned seats for you plus two to enjoy the view!

Each person will have a comfy Bose headset so you can talk to each other and hear the pilot talk to the tower, point out attractions and answer any questions you may have during your flight!

So what are you waiting for? Open the door and let’s go for a tour!

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